Newnan Centre and Amphitheatre

Newnan Centre

Newnan Centre Amphitheatre

Newnan Centre and Amphitheatre

The Newnan Centre and Amphitheatre is located at 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road. The construction of the Newnan Centre was mostly funded by SPLOST 2002 and the Amphitheatre was funded by SPLOST 2007. Prior to the construction of the Centre, completed in 2013, the City of Newnan did not have a convention center. The Newnan Centre is operated on an Authority Board basis and it is a great addition to the City of Newnan as it is the perfect place for corporate functions, weddings, and variety of other uses. With these events come increased economic opportunities for other local businesses through visitors utilizing the facility. More information about the facility can be found at

City of Newnan Project

Newnan Centre Total Costs: $3,127,747.78
Amphitheatre Total Costs: $2,907,961

Historic Courthouse

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1904 Classic Revival Courthouse anchors the town square. It is one of 27 Georgia courthouses designed by famed architect James Wingfield Golucke, and remains his most ambitious design.  The courthouse dome rises 100 feet above street level, and a four-face clock in the tower chimes the hour.

SPLOST funds were used to help renovate the Courthouse in 2012, including a full restoration of the beautiful copperwork adorning the dome, cornice, pediments, and railings.  In addition to housing the Probate Court and Coweta County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Courthouse can be rented for events and filming.

Read more about the restoration and its challenges, or see more images of the stunning interior and exterior of the building.

Coweta County Project

Cost: $7,385,835.06

 Did You Know?

The project was selected for an Excellence in Restoration Award by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. And, copper contractor Steinrock Roofing & Sheet Metal won a North American Copper in Architecture Award from the Copper Development Association for 2010 and a Golden Circle Award from the National Roofing Contractors Association for 2011.

Coweta Public Library System

Completed in 2008, Coweta's Central Library was the first new library built in the county in two decades. Its design was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, allowing it to blend beautifully with its surroundings. Light enters the building at multiple levels, thanks to the differing roof heights.

Common areas of the library are centralized, with more intimate reading, studying, and gathering areas on the outskirts. The Central Commons has a circular customer service desk, surrounded by dynamic displays of new and popular books. A reading nook with comfortable leather seating allows perusal of magazines and newspapers. The adults side of the building houses the Teen section, with popular magazines and graphic novels in a relaxed setting. Numerous modern computer terminals and printers are also housed in the adults area, along with a collection of new fiction and non-fiction selections, and several study rooms.

The children's side of the building has a crafts area, a meeting room for story times and programs, and of course a large selection of books for children of all ages. A DVD collection and computers with games for kids are fun additions, and adults will appreciate the large collection of parenting books.

Coweta County Project - SPLOST 2002

Central Library Cost: $6,181,479.28

The Grantville and Senoia branch libraries were also funded with SPLOST, but each received state grant reimbursement dollars which were returned into the SPLOST fund.

Grantville Library Cost: $1,291,024.92 (State Grant Reimbursement $96,502.18) = $1,194,522.74

Senoia Library Cost: $1,666,652.30 (State Grant Reimbursement $1,146,775.28) = $519,877.02

 Did You Know?

The front of the library building houses a computer lab, where library patrons can take classes in a variety of computer and Internet subjects.

Justice Center

Rapid growth in Coweta County created a high demand for courts and court support space. Voters approved SPLOST funding for construction of the Justice Center Complex.

The Greenville Street complex is comprised of two buildings, the main Justice Center at 130,000 square feet and the Juvenile Courthouse at 30,000 square feet. The exteriors emulate well-known features of the 1904 courthouse while the interiors feature state of the art planning, security measures, and technology. The layout allowed for future expansion of the facilities as required. The main building houses the District Attorney, State Court, Magistrate Court and Superior Court along with the offices of the Solicitor General. The Juvenile Courthouse houses Juvenile Delinquency Court, Juvenile Dependency Court and Truancy/Informal/Traffic Court.

Coweta County Project

Cost: $14,944,075.53

Central Community Center and Advance Voting Site

The Central Community Center and Advance Voting Site will provide rentable space for community activities and provide the county’s second advance voting site, taking pressure off the original advance voting site at the Voter Registrar’s office in the county office building.

Coweta County Project

Cost: $707,953.06