Five Points Intersection

Bulldozer at Five Points Intersection

Remodeling at Five Points Intersection
The Five Points Intersection Improvement Project, engineered by American Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has been recognized as a state winner, small project category in the Inaugural ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) Georgia Engineering Excellence Awards.

Coweta County and the City of Newnan shared costs based on jurisdictional boundaries and shared other aspects of the project as well.

The County’s Transportation and Engineering department contracted with the engineering consultants and managed the design for the project, with city engineers working with us from conception through final design. The City handled ROW acquisition and negotiations. The County contracted with the construction company (ER Snell) for the actual construction of the project with the City working with County construction inspectors on matters concerning the portion of the project within the Newnan limits. The City also incorporated curb/gutter, sidewalks, and enhanced landscaping into the design.

Your support of SPLOST made this project possible.

The project demonstrated an excellent working relationship to assist the transportation needs of a growing community.

The new roundabout will be recognized in February 2017 by Georgia's premier annual engineering awards competition recognizing innovation and exceptional projects by Georgia engineers.

The Five Points Intersection is a joint project between the City of Newnan and Coweta County, as the area contains both City and County properties. This renovation will improve the navigation of the intersections of East Newnan Road, Martin Luther King and Poplar Road. Currently, these intersections are very confusing and the much needed project will reduce the risk of accidents tremendously.

See the overlay below to get an idea of the changes that will be involved in construction. The project is funded through SPLOST 2007 and SPLOST 2013.

Joint Coweta County/City of Newnan Project

Coweta County Budget: $266,814.22
City of Newnan Budget: $1,226,112

Overlay for future Five Points Intersection

SE Newnan By-Pass

Bypass Bridge Foundation

Bypass Bridge Foundation

SE Newnan Bypass
On December 8th, the latest segment of the Newnan Bypass opened from Turkey Creek Road to GA-16 East. The new segment extends the Newnan Bypass from GA-34 West to GA-16 East.

The Southeast Newnan By-Pass has been a large and ongoing project, part of the 2002, 2007, and 2013 SPLOST. When completed, the project will provide a vital link from Turkey Creek Road to GA HWY 16 East and complete a loop from GA HWY 16 west. The project also includes reconfiguration of the HWY 16, US 29/27 and Pine Road intersection.

Coweta County Project

Budget: $2,684,484.23

Various Sidewalks

Lagrange Street

Lagrange Street

Lagrange Street

This project consists of the construction of various new sidewalks within the City. The new sidewalks are 5’ wide and ADA compliant. This project will assist in connectivity to downtown shops, restaurants, and City facilities, as well as making it safer overall for citizens to get to their community parks and downtown events. Rather than having to walk in the street, the new sidewalks are also providing a safer environment for students to walk to school. The most recent sidewalk project consisted of construction on First Avenue, St. Clair Street, Roscoe Road and W. Washington Street. The Funding source was SPLOST 2007.

City of Newnan Project

Budget: $446,421.74

Nixon Road Paving

Paving Nixon Road, formerly gravel

Paving Nixon Road, which was formerly a gravel road, was a project under SPLOST 2007 and 2013.

Coweta County Project

Total Budget: $651,554.47

Jackson - Sprayberry - Roscoe Road Intersection

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection Before

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection

Before the construction of this project, the flow at this intersection was confusing to most commuters. There was a pub in a triangle of the intersection and the only street aligned was Jackson Street. The intersection was an eyesore. After construction we have a perfectly aligned intersection with safety crosswalks, a lovely landscaped area, new sidewalks and less traffic flow confusion. This is a much safer intersection. This project was funded by SPLOST 2007.

City of Newnan Project

Total Costs: $1,403,003.28